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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the procedure to volunteer?
Please complete our volunteer application.  We will contact you to conduct an interview and move forward with a background check. Then we’ll train you for your assigned position.

2. Who is eligible to be seen as a patient?
VIM covers the  uninsured and underinsured. These are people who are not eligible or cannot afford for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or employer covered health insurance, earn up to 250%  or less than the federal poverty level, and live in the East County region of San Diego County.

3. Can I volunteer if I am not a medical professional?
Absolutely! We have lots of positions in the clinic that you can be trained for that do not require medical experience.

4.  If I make a donation to VIM is it tax deductible?
Yes. We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, and our IRS tax exempt status number is 26-0057391.  Any financial or in kind contribution is tax deductible.

5. Aren’t all VIM patients “poor?”
No. VIM San Diego patients are those people not covered by medical insurance/programs and who make an income less than 250% of the poverty level. In other words, they make too much money to be eligible for free ACA, but not enough to afford private health insurance.

6. What about Medi-Cal patients?
Medi-CAL is state sponsored healthcare coverage for a segment of the population.  We do not accept Medi-CAL patients but refer them to primary care clinics in our area. Medi-CAL is under the ACA – Covered California.

7. I would like to volunteer as a physician, but what if I get sued?
The Federal Health Care Tort Claims Act (FTCA) signed into law in 2004 protects physicians providing services free of charge by considering them employees of the federal government if sued for malpractice. VIM will complete your paperwork with the federal government to provide malpractice coverage for you.
8. What types of care can I expect in your clinic?
We have 10 medical providers, 5 of whom are primary care providers.  We offer acupuncture, chiropractic,  nutritional counseling, nephrology, and dermatology .

9. What is the “Culture of Caring?”
Our VIM free medical clinic is more than a place of healthcare treatment, education and training. Patients are greeted and welcomed into the clinic. Our volunteers see the uninsured patients as our friends in the community, for whom we have the privilege of helping with their medical needs.

10. Who runs and is responsible for VIM San Diego?
The VIM Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for the organization. Maureen Hartin, our CEO, manages the overall operations and reports to the Board.

11. Where does the money come from?
We are supported with a variety of grant funding, private donations and fundraising efforts. Grossmont Healthcare District realizes the tremendous need for free medical services in our community and has generously supported our efforts to treat the uninsured.

12. What are VIM San Diego’s future plans?
VIM SD currently has a two room modular medical facility in El Cajon, on the site of a planned state-of-the-art 10 room facility. The plans for this facility, which have already earned a “green” designation from SDGE, have been designed by an architectural firm that specializes in medical facilities. The facility will be located on land leased at $1 per year from Chapel of the Valley Methodist Church. It will be built directly behind the existing modular facility.

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